High Plains | A Time Lapse Film

The Incredible Weather of the High Plains

Christian Cleary, Bryan Hellman, and I wanted to do a Great Plains storm chasing trip so bad this year.  The models were setting up great for the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma.  Our initial thought was to fly to Albuquerque and then drive to the panhandle in hopes of seeing some amazing storms.

For about four days leading up to the departure date, indecision eventually set in.  Do we fly to Albuquerque and continue on our planned course?  Or do we fly to Denver and chase what was becoming a more promising outlook of storms?

We finally decided to leave Tuesday May 20th for Colorado.  By this time, the models for thunderstorms and severe weather were very favorable.

“High Plains” | Vimeo YouTube | License Video | Make sure you watch in HD I 

The time lapse film seen above represents the success that the three of us experienced while chasing on the High Plains.  On day one of our journey, we found ourselves chasing a supercell that developed in southeastern Wyoming, and followed it for several hours as it made its way into Nebraska.  The adventure continued on day two, as we drove back towards Denver and positioned ourselves in front of a monstrous tornado warned supercell.  Because the storm was slow moving, we were able to chase it for several hours, while staying within a safe distance.  On day 3, our final day, we were lucky enough to witness an incredible LP (low precipitation) thunderstorm that produced some amazing structure and visual images.

I really had a desire to do something different with this particular film, and wanted it to stand out from my other time lapse films I’ve created in the past.  I wanted to be 100% involved in every aspect of the film.  I created my own music that was fitting to what I was seeing in the images.  I hope you have enjoyed this time lapse film, just as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.  It took me about three days to turn over 3,000 images into this completed project.  If you have enjoyed watching this film, please feel free to share with your friends and family, and comment below!

 Storm Chaser Bryan Snider intercepts a LP (Lower Precipitation) thunderstorm over the High Plains of Colorado.

“Colorado LP Thunderstorm” License this Image | Buy Prints/Canvas (Coming Soon)

"Light is my Boundary" a quote by photography Bryan SniderP.S. You may have noticed the quote “Light is my Boundary” at the beginning of the film.  Well there is a story behind that quote.  While working on this film, I saw my dog JJ sitting down waiting for my wife Monika to come home.  I decided to captured a photo of him and send it to Monika.  After taking a closer look at the image, I saw JJ was surrounded by two streaks of bright light.  In a way the light was a boundary line for him…hence “Light is my Boundary” was born.  I decided to write it down and ponder on it later.

This morning while reading the phrase again, I realized that light is the only boundary in photography.  I tried googling it to see if anybody else had ever spoken this phrase.  I didn’t find anything, so I guess it also my own original quote.  Crazy how things come to you!