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“There is no greater thrill then to share my work with the world.”

If you are a member of the press, a documentary film maker, stock photo/video agency, producer, or you just would like to license my work, then you came to the right place!  Most of my work including videos, time lapses, and photography are available to license.

My high quality work, once licensed appropriately, may be used in just about everything.  From major motion pictures, documentary films, television news, and magazine/newspaper production…. the possibilities are endless!  Most work, but not all, will require a licensing fee.  The fee varies (depending on the type of use).  Regardless of whether there is a fee or not, you must obtain a license to use my work!

Stock Video and Time lapses

License Video and Time Lapses

License Photos


phone: 480-307-3555

Where My Work Has Been Published

My work has been featured all over the world including documentaries, news, and magazines.  For a detailed list of where my work has been published, please check my “My Work Published” page.

Copyright Violations

I love capturing photos, videos and documentaries, but they are also a source of income for my family.  Any unauthorized use of my work is illegal and direct violation of United States Copyright Laws.  Simply put, I take copyright violations VERY seriously and I monitor my work very closely.  Any unauthorized use of my work will result in immediate legal action.  If you feel you have used my work illegally, or without the proper license then please call me ASAP!

For more information please visit my Copyright Notice