LRTimelapse 4 | Professional Time Lapse Software Review

LRTimelapse - advanced time lapse photography made easy.

What is LRTimelapse 4?

By Bryan Snider

LRTimelapse is a powerful piece of software used by time lapse photographers of all skill levels.  This software allows photographers to take their time lapse images from their camera to professional looking time lapse videos.

It works seamlessly with popular software like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw engine.  Using LRTimelapse 4 you can process basic time lapses and even master a “Holy-Grail” (Day to Night or Night to Day) time lapse.  LRTimelapse 4 can also deflicker your sequences efficiently and effectively!

My Favorite Features in LRTimelapse 4

  • New Feature: Preview time lapse sequences before rendering using the new Visual Previews / Visual Deflicker
  • Improved and more Efficient Holy Grail Work Flow
  • Deflicker time lapse sequences
  • Better Performance

As a time lapse photographer, I use LRTimelapse 4 a lot!  It is one of my favorite programs, and a key tool in my time lapse workflow.  Without it, my time lapses would be incomplete, thrown out, or lack the professional quality that my clients expect from my work.

This spring, LRTimelapse version 4 was released.  This update is by far the biggest update since the birth of the program.   With new features like visual previews / visual deflickerLRTimelapse 4 has reached an even higher standard!  These new features, along with updated professional grading tools, have allowed me to reach a professional quality more efficiently then ever before.

I Can’t Believe I Almost Didn’t Upgrade!

I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but at one point I was hesitant about upgrading from version 3 to 4.  Version 3 was a pretty solid and I was very happy with it! I was also very confident in my workflow and didn’t feel like “previews” were necessary. However, I was curious.  I wanted to see what the previews were all about. So I took advantage of the Free Evaluation version of LRTimelapse 4 to see these new features first hand. 

After using the visual previews and visual deflicker once, I was hooked!  The visual previews rendered much faster then I was expecting.  In fact, it was much faster then Adobe After Effect’s ram previews (which I never used because of how slow they were).  I guess in a way you could say that “previews” were never really apart of my work flow, because there really wasn’t a great tool out there that worked well.  LRTimelapse 4’s “Visual Previews” became that tool missing from my toolbox.  A tool that I use quite frequently now because of how impressed I was with the new feature.


LRTimelapse 4 is a piece of software that EVERY time lapse photographer (amateur or professional) should purchase!.  It is packed with many useful features that have helped take my work to the next level.  The software is also fairly intuitive, and easy to learn especially after watching the tutorial videos found on

However, at 99.00 € (Euros) for a basic license and 249.00 € for a professional license, LRTimelapse 4 may not be in every photographers budget.  This is very understandable.  Great software doesn’t always come cheap.  However, if you can’t afford it now, then consider saving for it.  In the mean time, check out the Free Evaluation version of LRTimelapse 4 and see for yourself how amazing this software really is.  I’m confident you’ll be just as pleased with the results as I have been over the years.

Ebook Time Lapse Shooting and Processing

LRTimelapse E-Book “Timelapse Shooting and Processing”

I am usually not a fan of reading technical books.  I am a visual learner.  However this E-Book written by Gunther Wegner (the mastermind behind LRTimelapse 4), was an enjoyable and easy read.  I truthfully feel like this book helped show me the mistakes that I was making as a time lapse photographer, and gave me some tips that instantly improved my work overnight. (Check out my blog titled: “LRTimelapse 4 | Elevating Time Lapses to Higher Standards