LRTimelapse 4 | Elevating Time Lapses to Higher Standards

Arizona Time Lapse Photographer Bryan Snider captures a sunset at Tempe Town Lake Arizona

Photo by Jon Stolarski | One7 Studios

LRTimelapse 4 a Gift to Time Lapse Photographers

By Bryan Snider

Back in 2011, I began experimenting with time lapsing thunderstorms.  By 2012, I was hooked and was wanting to take my time lapse photography to the next level.

At the time, I was quite proud of my time lapses.  However, they were honestly quite awful.  The sequences lacked any kind of professional quality and was plagued with enough flicker that you would think I was shooting near a strobe light.

In frustration one night, I began searching the internet looking for a way to remove flicker.  To my surprise, I came across a little piece of software called LRTimelapse that promised to help ramp time lapses, and remove flicker.

I remember feeling very skeptical about this software.  Like many photographers, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on software, and plug-ins in the past, to only find myself disappointed time and time again.  Many times software companies promise amazing results, but yet many times it felt like the “average Joe” could not replicate the results promised.

LRTimelapse was different.  It did EVERYTHING it promised and exceeded my expectations!  I was honestly blown away at how easy it was to use and how intuitive the software really was.  It even allowed me to challenge myself to learn and master complicated “holy-grail” time lapse sequences.

LRTimelapse - advanced time lapse photography made easy.

So it Removes Flicker?!

After downloading the FREE evaluation version, I began to test the program. Within a few clicks, the software quickly spotted the flicker.  I saved the recommended changes and began rendering my time lapse.  WOW! The flicker was gone! I was blown away!  This software really worked, and I was stunned at how easy it was.

I also remember thinking, “this must be beginners luck!”  So, I went back and tried it on several of my previous time lapses.  It worked for all of them as well.  Goodbye flicker, and hello more professional looking time lapses!

LRTimelapse 4 | The Best Version Yet!

Lets me be honest, I feel like I’m going to sound like a company executive giving a keynote presentation on why you should upgrade.  However, I am not employed with LRTimelapse, and never have been.  Instead,  I am a simple fan of the product, who’s only trying to share my passion for a tool that has elevated my work to high standards.

I have been fortunate enough to experience the evolution of LRTimelapse from its very first version until its latest release of version 4.  While I can honestly tell you that I’ve enjoyed the program from day one, I’d be lying to you if I told you that I could remember how each version was different from the other.  Prior to version 4, I really can’t remember what was different about version one and version two.  However, I can tell you this, version 4 is going to be the one that I will remember.  It’s a game changer! Seriously, this version has taken LRTimelapse to a level where my wish list for the program is now non existent.

Everything I hoped LRTimelapse to be has finally become a reality in version 4.  Features like “Visual Previews / Visual Deflicker” are reason enough to upgrade from any prior version.  I also love the new “holy-grail” work flow.  It has made “holy-grail” grading easier and more efficient than prior versions.

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