Day Trips from Phoenix | Episode 1 “Salt River Canyon”

Salt River Canyon | “One Of Arizona’s Best Kept Secrets”

A few months ago, I was trying to find a way to combine my photography with my passion for travel.  Little did I know, that just a few months later the idea would involve into a mini documentary series called “Day Trips from Phoenix.”

Day trips are just something I do as a photographer.  In fact, I find myself often taking my out state family and friends on little day trips from Phoenix.  Their reaction and statements like, “I had no idea this kind of place existed in Arizona,” are truly what motivates this production.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but over the course of several years of exploring Arizona, I feel I’ve discovered some pretty neat places.  Larry Reeves, my buddy who assisted me on this episode, told me that he had no idea that the place I’m going to take you to even existed. It’s because of statements like Larry’s, that I call this episode “Arizona’s Best Kept Secret.”

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Destination: “Salt River Canyon” | Travel Time: 2 hrs 15 min

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I hope you found this episode to be informative and entertaining.  Over the course of the last several years I’ve discovered that many people including some respectable travel bloggers know very little about Arizona.  In fact a little over a year ago, one of my favorite travel bloggers Christine Amorose, owner of the blog “C’est Christine” opened up with her “Postcards from the Arizona Highway” with this statement.  “When I think of Arizona, I think of expanses of red desert with endless blues skies; tall, looming cacti, tumbleweeds lazing across a deserted highway, violet and blooms hugging the ground.”

Being that the travel blogging community talks very little (from what I can tell) about Arizona, I almost feel like I have been given the keys to an incredible opportunity.  That opportunity being, the ability to create a travel/photography blog that primarily focuses on my home state, Arizona.

Have you ever been to the Salt River Canyon? If not, what did you think of it? Is it one of “Arizona’s Best Kept Secrets? Would you like to go now?

The Salt River flowing through the salt river canyon of central Arizona