Arizona Weather Time Lapse

The Arizona Weather Time Lapse Photography of Bryan Snider

Time lapses capture the motion of our world.  In my weather time lapses, I capture the motion of a storm.  As a time lapse photographer I love watching storms form and mature. There is something really special to me about  this.

The following is a collection of my weather related time lapses.  This includes the developing stages of a storm, dust storms, mature thunderstorms, supercells and more.  My weather time lapses were captured in my home state of Arizona.  There is something about weather moving across the desert and our beautiful Arizona landscapes.

“Buckeye, Arizona Shelf Cloud – August 12th, 2014”

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A time lapse of a relatively rare shelf cloud near the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye, Arizona.

“Phoenix Dust Storm – Sky Harbor Airport – July 25th, 2014”

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A large dust storm approaches Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on July 25th, 2014. As you can see in the video, airplanes continue to operate until the very last minute before doing go arounds after the dust storm arrived at the airport.

“Grand Canyon Clouds – Navajo Point – July 10th, 2014”

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Beautiful monsoon season clouds dance over the Grand Canyon.  Time lapse captured at Navajo Point on the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park

“Monsoon Thunderstorms Near Maricopa, Arizona – July 14th, 2014”

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These time lapses highlight the brief but very powerful monsoon season thunderstorms near Maricopa, Arizona

“Eloy, Arizona Severe Thunderstorm – July 8th, 2014”

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A time lapse of a severe thunderstorm near Eloy, Arizona.  The cell on the left appears to be a strong downburst.  Towards the end of the time lapse you may notice a very strong updraft.  This indicates a brief wall cloud in the storm.

“Tucson Severe Thunderstorm – July 5th, 2014”

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A severe thunderstorm drops heavy rain on the Tucson, Arizona metro area. This storm even kicked up a very small brief dust storm.

“Phoenix Dust Storm – July 3rd, 2014”

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Rainbows and Rain Shafts – April 19th, 2014

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Phoenix Dust Storm – March 25th, 2014”

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“The Incredible Weather of Arizona 2013

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