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The Incredible Weather of Arizona

The Incredible Weather of Arizona

“A Personal Story of Arizona Monsoon 2014”

The Incredible Weather of Arizona from Bryan Snider on Vimeo.

Each of the past two summers I’ve created an end of the year monsoon season film.  In 2012, I created a film titled “In Motion.”  It highlighted a collection of time lapses that I had captured over the year mainly from the 2012 monsoon season.  While I was very proud of this film at the time, it still had something missing.

In 2013, I thought I found the solution I needed to make a film that I was going to be really proud of.  I thought that I needed to chase even harder, more aggressively, and more miles.   In fact in 2013, I travelled over 10,000 miles across Arizona capturing some of the best weather images and time lapses I had ever taken.  Yet, as I came into 2014, I still felt like my final product was missing something.

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WHOA Airplanes!

40 Minutes of Airplanes at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Sometimes as a photographer, I find myself wanting to tell a story in a single image.  However, telling the story in a single image isn’t as easy as it may look.  About a year or so ago, I shared an image called, “The Rhythm of the Urban Sky.”  In this image, my goal was to capture a landscape that showed how busy the skies were above Phoenix were.  While this made for a really cool light trails shot, you didn’t see the airplanes themselves.

A multiplicity photo of airplanes taking off from Phoenix Sky Harbor

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This image is the result of nearly 40 minutes of airplane spotting at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.  I took approximately 30 photographs, mainly when an airplane was taking off.  Some photographs have more then one airplane in the shot, while others were just a single airplane.  Each image was captured with the exact same composition thanks to placing my camera on a tripod.

While you see several airplanes in the photograph, not all were used.  The reasoning behind this is simple.  Believe it or not, I had a few airplanes that right on top of the other.  So I had to chose which one I wanted to see, because one hid the other.  I also had more airplanes on the ground taxing to chose from, but because of the complexity, I only kept a few.

Finally, as a pilot myself, I can’t help but notice how the image tells the story and complexity of an airplane take off.  Contrary to popular belief, a bigger airplane doesn’t always need “more runway” to take off.  There are a lot more factors involved including destination (how much fuel is onboard), passengers, engine power, and weather.  If you look closely, some of the biggest airplanes I captured are on the top left which means they used less runway then the airplanes that are on the bottom right.  In fact, one of the smallest airplanes captured is the US Airway Express CRJ-900 about half way up and to the right of Air Traffic Control Tower.

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How to Photograph Light Trails

Photographing & Processing Light Trails

By Bryan Snider

One of the popular aspects about night photography is the ability to capture light trails.  Light trails of cars, stars and even the paths of airplanes add interesting subjects to a nigh time photo.  However, sometimes one exposure isn’t enough.  The image was captured using 70 individual exposures.  But how did I do this? Well it’s easy! Watch this FREE tutorial below and find out how I created this stunning image!

Light trails from airplanes on approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor create a magical sky over Tempe, Arizona

“The Rhythm of the Urban Sky” Buy Print | Buy Canvas | License this Image:

How I captured this Photo:

Nikon D600 Nikon 20mm | Aperture: F16 | Shutter: 30 Seconds | 

As a photographer I’m always looking for unique ways to tell the story of a landscape, person, or moment.  Everything has a story and it’s my job as a photographer to find a creative way to share the stories of my surroundings, even if it appears to be hidden or forgotten.  Light trails are a very creative way to tell the story of a busy metropolis!

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Grand Canyon Lightning

Lightning over the Grand Canyon at Sunset

One of my “bucket list” shots for the 2013 monsoon season was to capture Grand Canyon lightning.  Little did I know, it would only take a few weeks into the season for me do it! Honestly I was going to do whatever it took to capture an image like this, but on the other hand I was realistic with myself and knew it could take some time if not years.

Lightning strikes the center of the Grand Canyon

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