Cibo Pizzeria Review

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Cibo Urban Pizzeria | Bryan Snider Photography

One thing I love about the Phoenix area is how many opportunities there are to try a large variety of local restaurants.  One of my favorite finds is a little pizzeria restaurant called Cibo, pronounced. “CHEE-boh”

Located just northwest of downtown Phoenix, Cibo welcomes visitors with a quaint atmosphere, indoor/outdoor dining, soft lighting, and of course pizza!  The pizza is truly amazing!  It’s the closest thing to Italian style pizza I’ve been able to find without having to hop on a plane to Italy.  Did I mention the head chef Guido Saccone is Italian?

Cibo Pizzeria Outdoor Dinning | Bryan Snider Photography

The Very Popular Outdoor Dinning Area of Cibo Pizzeria

So is the pizza really that good? 

YES! I’ve tried many pizza restaurants in Phoenix, and this one has to be my favorite.  The pizza is truly amazing and tastes “fresh.”  The ingredients are either imported or locally grown to help create an authentic Italian tasting experience. From fresh mozzarella, to flavorful tomato sauce, the pies truly deliver up to their expectations.

Pizza isn’t the only thing that Cibo serves well.  They have beautifully crafted salads, and great antipasti options such as bruschetta.  They also offer an amazing wine and beer menu featuring some local brews.  In the afternoon Cibo delivers award winning sandwiches as well as a breakfast menu on Sunday mornings for brunch.

Cibo Pizzeria Main Entrance | Bryan Snider Photography

The Main Entrance into Cibo Pizzeria

The Atmosphere

One of my favorite parts about Cibo is it’s atmosphere.  The restaurant sits in a refurbished 1913 bungalow house.  Each room provides a unique sense of privacy you won’t find in many restaurants.  Each dinner table is appropriately decorated with a candle and a fresh flower that really helps create a beautiful ambience.

Cibo Pizzeria Bar | Bryan Snider Photography

The Beautiful Bar at Cibo Pizzeria

The Service

I’m not the type of person to really ever complain about service, but when I am delivered outstanding service I’ll definitely brag about it!  Cibo’s staff is definitely something to brag about. Each time I dine at Cibo, I’m always greeted with familiar smiling faces. Seeing familiar faces help create a more personal experience for their customers.

Cibo Pizzeria Dinning Room | Bryan Snider Photography

One of Many Beautiful Dinning Rooms at Cibo Pizzeria


As soon as you are seated, the host/hostess brings you a glass of water, a drink menu, and a food menu.  Cibo has a fine selection of beer, wine, soft drinks, and tea. Don’t hesitate to ask your server for any recommendation.  They have always been knowledgable and passionate about their selections.  In fact it was at Cibo where a friendly server helped me discover Oak Creek Brewery. Oak Creek Brewery has become one of my favorite local brews! Without Cibo we may have never found each other.

Cibo Pizzeria Salad | Bryan Snider Photography

A Salad at Cibo Pizzeria

Once you get past the variety of drinks, one must take on the challenge of deciding what to eat! On this particular occasion, our group of four decided to share a beautiful house salad served with fresh bread directly from the oven.  My favorite part about this salad was the fresh parmesan flakes.  I’m a huge fan of parmesan and adding it to a salad definitely amplifies the flavor.

Cibo Pizzeria Bread | Bryan Snider Photography

Fresh Homemade Bread Cibo Pizzeria

For our main course we decided to get four different pizzas.  We got a Margherita, Fungi, Vegetariana, and Marinara Pizzas. All pizzas are complete with fresh ingredients, including tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, and generous toppings.  The appearance/presentation of the pizzas were an art in itself.  It was hard not to dig into these masterpieces.  However, once you took a bite, the flavor made it that much easier to take another bite!.

Cibo Pizzeria Margherita Pizza | Bryan Snider Photography

A Pizza Pie from Cibo Pizzeria

For desert, we decided to tackle on the Nutella and Banana Crepe.  The traditional style was filled with Nutella and sliced bananas, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and chocolate sauce. For our party of four, one crepe was plenty for all of us to share! A fine selection of coffee and tea makes an excellent choice for your after dinner beverage.  I tried the English breakfast tea and it was the perfect companion.

Cibo Pizzeria Dessert | Bryan Snider Photography

Desert from Cibo Pizzeria


If I had any disappointments to share it would probably have to be the Marinara pizza (which comes with anchovies). It was a bit on the salty side. To my understanding the anchovies are imported from Europe, which would then explain the saltiness. But don’t let this disappoint you about Cibo. All the other pizzas we tried were outstanding!

Final Score 9.7/10

This establishment is one of the finest options in Phoenix. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner or an excellent option to spoil your out of town guest. I promise you won’t be disappointed. With great atmosphere, great food, and great service, Cibo takes it’s guests on a little trip to Italy.

To see restaurant hours and a full menu click here: (This will take you to Cibo Urban Pizzeria’s website)