Convective Chorus – An Arizona Monsoon Time-Lapse Film

Bryan Snider Films

Each summer, I drive thousands of miles all over Arizona chasing the monsoon.  It’s a passion of mine, and something I look forward to each year.  In a weird way, it kind of helps me get through the grueling summer heat.  It’s simple, find the areas of rain, and ultimately find much cooler weather.

Joking aside, I’m really proud of this film. Two summers ago, I began working on a film to only put it on pause.  The film simply didn’t feel complete.  In many ways, it felt rushed.  I had a lot of great clips in 2017 to choose from, but not enough to create the film I ultimately wanted.  So fast forward to the end of 2018 and now I had about 150 time-lapse clips to choose from.  It was from that list that I had to make the tough decisions of what I call “throwing away chocolate” or in other words discarding clips that I felt weren’t up to the high standard I was looking for.  They may be great on their own but didn’t fit in the film.

I wanted a film that had good pacing, variety and of course 4K eye candy.  I also wanted clips that were long and showed the entire evolution of a storm.  This isn’t easy especially when you find yourself waiting in some very humid triple-digit heat for hours.  However, many times in this film, you’ll see how my patience paid off.  In reality, patience is my cadence.  I don’t always chase storms.  Instead, I put myself someplace with a cool perspective and then wait for them.  In fact, I enjoy waiting, even in a lawn chair sometimes for the opportunity to capture a storm develop, mature and then dissipate right before my eyes.

So grab a chair yourself, maybe even some popcorn and enjoy my latest monsoon film called “Convective Chorus.”

P.S.  The music was selected because it feels like a mashup of the styles of Hans Zimmer and Imagine Dragons.