What Gear is in My Camera Bag?

As a professional photographer, one of my most common questions that I'm asked is what kind of equipment I use and what I recommend.  To answer these common questions, I decided to create a dedicated page that showcases the equipment that I use frequently.  

Anything you see here are products I LOVE and use myself.  If you see the product listed below, then you can feel confident that you are getting an honest review.  I would never recommend something I don't believe strongly in.  However, if you still have questions, please feel free to e-mail me at bryan@bryansnider.com and I'd be happy to offer any advice I can.


My Cameras

Sony RX100 | My Go To Travel Camera

 The Sony RX100 series camera has become my "go-to" travel camera. There have been seven installments in the series. I own the RX100V and love it! You can still buy a brand new updated "V" version now labeled the "VA." It has minor differences from the original V. Or you can look at the upgraded 7th installment in the series and get the Sony RX100 VII. While there is the 6th installment, spend a little extra money and get the VII. However, If you want to save a little money, then get the VA versions.

For more information about why I am ONLY using this camera for travel, please visit this page.


Sony A6500 | My Go To Mirrorless Camera

The Sony A6500 is everything I loved in my A6000 and more.  It improves off the A6000 by offering users a better grip, more features including 5-axis built in stabiliation, advanced video profiles, faster viewfinder, and more.

This camera has become my go-to camera when it comes to traveling overseas.  It's compact and travels very nicely in a small backpack.  I've recently have taken it to Paris, Rome and Hong Kong and never missed my more expensive cameras back home.

I've also began shooting portraits exclusively with this camera! The images are absolutely beautiful when paired with my Sony 90mm G Master &  Sigma 30mm lens.

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