Rome – The Eternal City

The city of Rome is a fascinating city. It's nicknamed the "Eternal City," whose history spans thousands of years. With beautiful churches, ancient ruins, and wonderful food, Rome has something for everyone!

Rome is "LOVE"... at least that when you read the Italian spelling (Roma) like a semordnilap (a word or phrase that spells another when reading backward). Roma or Amor becomes the Italian word for love "Amore."

If you've never been to the city, you may wonder what should I expect? I got you covered here. The next bit of information is a travel style page dedicated to my experiences in the city of Rome. Not only will I share with you from an American point of view, but I'll also share with you how I enjoy the city as a professional photographer.

Top 5 in One Minute – Your First Visit to Rome – S1 E3

Tips for Photographing the Eternal City

Rome offers fantastic photo opportunities for photographers of all skill levels and adventurous travelers.  The ancient Roman ruins, churches and museums create the perfect canvas for great travel photos.

I personally enjoy the narrow streets.  They are fun to stroll down and a great backdrop for some memorable travel lifestyle portraits.

While, Rome offers a great opportunity for photos, it’s important to consider some of the tips below.  The tips are from my own personal experiences on my five different trips to the city.

  • ARRIVE EARLY AND AVOID CROWDS:  It’s amazing how the time of day can make a massive difference when it comes to dealing with crowds at Romes most popular sites.  During the morning (before 8am), places like the Trevi fountain, or square surrounding the Pantheon are virtually empty.  
  • LOOK FOR UNIQUE ANGLES:  It’s hard not to get the same angle that’s photographer over and over in a popular destination like Rome.  Consider photographing the site via a reflection of it in a puddle.
  • VISIT TRASTEVERE: It took me five visits to Rome before I ventured across the Tiber River and visited the charming Roman neighborhood of Trastevere.  Do it! The photo opportunities are unbelievable. 
  • DITCH THE TRIPOD: It’s my understanding that in Rome, you technically have to have a special permit to use a Tripod within the city of Rome.  I’ve looked all over the internet trying to find how to get one.  Still can’t find it.  That being said, seriously ditch it.  It’s extra weight to carry around and most image can be captured very well without one.  Finally, most tourist attractions will not let you bring it in. So why mess with one?
  • CONSIDER A COMPACT TRAVEL CAMERA LIKE THE SONY RX100:  This little point and shoot camera has become my “go-to” travel camera.  I seriously have ditched my bigger and heavier cameras for this compact travel camera.  You’ll not be disappointed.  The small compact size has given me more travel freedom, and that is a good thing. The Best Travel Camera of 2020 Period! | Sony RX100 Camera Review  (Click here for More Information on the Sony RX100)

My Rome Photos

Where I Stay in Rome

Hotel Campo de’ Fiori

Hotel Campo de’ Fiori is my wife and my Roman home away from home.  My wife and I have stayed here a total of 17 nights splits between two trips in 2017 and most recently in 2019.  

The hotel is located around the corner of the daily market piazza of Campo de’ Fiori.  The hotel is also centrally located offering you the luxury of having most of Rome’s main attractions within a short walking distance.


Words can’t fully describe the hospitality we’ve experienced during our stays at this beautiful hotel.  The rooms are beautifully decorated, comfortable and cozy.  The staff is extremely friendly and have made both my wife and I feel like they were treating us like friends instead of just a guest.

The hotel also offers a tasty buffet breakfast every morning along with a great view of Rome from their roof top terrace.  I highly recommend ordering a bottle of presecco and enjoy it on the roof during a colorful Roman sunset.

Image Image


I recommend booking directly with the hotel via their website or by calling them direct.  In both visits, I’ve found that this offered me the best rates.  I also recommend you hiring the airport transfers.  This made getting to and from the airport a breeze.

Other Recommendations - Food and Laundry

  • Food: Just a short walk from our hotel are a few amazing Roman restaurants that I highly recommend..  This includes;
    • Fatto in Casa by Hosteria la Danesina:  I really really like the Paccheri al Ragu!
    • Da Beffeto 2:  This place has the best Roman style pizza (thin and crispy)
    • Alice Pizza:  Simple tasty pizza sold by the weight.  This was perfect for a quick lunch or snack.
  • Laundry
    • My wife and I pack extremely light when it comes to travel. This makes things more simple.  However, because we pack light, we need to do laundry from time to time.  While in Rome, we like to walk to White Cloud Launderette. Ada and Claudio do such a fantastic job cleaning our clothes while we explore Rome.