Introduction – The Evolution of My Travel Camera

So, how does a professional photographer like myself go from traveling the world with a full-frame DSLR to a simple pocket-sized camera? The answer: Three years of trial and error.

Since 2017, I’ve taken several trips, including international locations, to Paris, Rome, and Hong Kong. After each trip, I began to come to the conclusion that my best travel photos were not the ones taken from my expensive cameras or lenses. Instead, they were images that were captured effortlessly and conveniently with the Sony RX100. Purchasing the Sony RX100 (V model) gave me an incredible amount of travel freedom without sacrificing the ability to capture amazing images and videos.

Sony RX100 Image Quality

Instead of writing a long explanation on how I am an advocate for the images off this camera, let me share with you a gallery full of images that demonstrates the power of the Sony RX100. These images were captured exclusively with the RX100, at various locations around the world.

Sony RX100 Video Quality

This is a short video validating the impressive 4K video capabilities of the Sony RX100. This video was captured using the S-LOG2 picture profile and then color-graded in post using Final Cut Pro X and Color Finale.

For those of you who are not familiar with S-LOG2, no worries. It's an advanced picture profile on the Sony RX100 that allows users to take video in a format that fully utilizes the camera sensor for better exposures. ie. more vibrant colors and less noise  in places such as darker environments.

This video shows a side by side comparison of what S-LOG2 video looks like out of the Sony RX100 camera (when properly exposed) and how it can look after it's color graded.

Portability and Convenience = Travel Freedom

If there was one thing that probably made the biggest impact on me was the Sony RX100’s portability and convenience. While traveling these past three years, I began to understand that I wanted a camera that could be easily accessed. I also wanted a camera that didn’t require me to have to carry a backpack around, nor be weighed down by heavy lenses. Not only did this epiphany free me from a heavy backpack all day, but it made me less susceptible to pickpockets. 

October of 2018, I found myself overwhelmed in Hong Kong from the humidity and sensory overload. Thankfully I had my RX100 with me on the trip and I took a risk and ditched my Sony mirrorless and backpack at the hotel.

This move allowed me to organically discover how awesome it was to explore a new destination without the extra weight of a bigger camera and lenses. In simple conclusion, this is the number one reason I love this camera. It gave me the travel freedom I was looking for.

Disclaimer: Images and videos for this review were captured with the Sony RX100 V camera.

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