The Weather of Arizona – A Time Lapse Film

The Weather of Arizona – A Time Lapse Film

This film is a collection of several time lapses captured during all four seasons of the year in Arizona. My goal for the film was to showcase the dynamic/contrasting weather that one can experience in this state.


Last year I spent a decent amount of time working on my film “Why I Chase | The Arizona Monsoon.”  This film was more of a personal journey answering the simple question of “Why I Chase.” However, there is another question I’m softened asked.  That question is “what do I chase?”

Many times when I’m outside the state of Arizona, I find myself being asked that question.  “So what kind of weather can you chase and seriously you can find something nearly year round?”

As you may imagine, I get very passionate about this topic, but the answer isn’t always that easy.  So to better explain myself, I decided I’d develop a film in an attempt to show people in less than there is plenty of weather to see in Arizona year round.

Contrasting Weather

Not only does my film show the dynamic weather you can see in this state throughout the year, but it also shows the viewer the contrasting kinds of weather one may experience throughout the year.  For an example, in the deserts, one may experience sunny and mild conditions, while a trip to the Grand Canyon may bring you snow the same day.  Regardless, I find Arizona weather fascinating and I hope you do too.

Thinking Outside the Box

When you think of Arizona weather you have to think deeper.  What I mean by this, is that you have to think beyond the monsoon and typical thunderstorm, rain and snow events.  Instead, you gotta bring the weather down to its simplicity.  A simplicity that may be hard to understand unless you’ve lived here.  You see, in Arizona, there are many days where our weather is simply bright blue skies with no clouds.  While this may seem boring, I find it fascinating and beautiful within itself.  Another example of this would be the simple wispy clouds we often see down here in the desert.  While again they may not scream “weather,” it does to me.  Why? Think sunsets.

Capturing a film like this isn’t easy.  In fact, it required a lot of travel and braving all kinds of extreme temperature conditions on both ends of the spectrum.  You see, in Arizona, the coldest days in parts of the state can go several degrees below zero Fahrenheit.  While the hottest days can reach well over 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s over 115-degree difference in temperature between two places in the same state.  The only difference is that one temperature was observed in the winter, while the other in the summer.  Arizona can be VERY cold, as well as VERY hot.

In the next coming year, I hope to start again another film exactly like this.  However, I want to travel to more places and find ways of capturing the weather in more creative ways.  For now, though, enjoy my film and welcome to Arizona Weather!


  • Cameras: Nikon D750, Nikon D610, Sony A6500, Sony A6000
  • Lenses: Nikon 20mm F4, Nikon 50mm F1.4 Nikon 135mm F2.0, Sony 16- 50mm F3.5 / 5.6, Sony 18 – 105mm F4
  • Music:  Music by Audio Pizza