Family Photography

Family portraits are like a time capsule. They capture your family now so that in the future, a family can rediscover the unique personalities of each member as they were at the time the photographs were taken.

As a portrait photographer, my goal is to not only capture these personalities (pets included) but bring them to life! If a child has that favorite shirt or toy, then use it as a prop for a few shots! If dad’s favorite sports team won the championship, then bring a jersey or shirt to celebrate! Maybe you graduated college, finished residency, started a new career, or bought a new house! Just think about what makes this year unique for my family? That's what I want to capture! The possibilities are endless!

My simple goal for family portraits is to have fun and make you & your family feel comfortable to just be yourself! This can often include some lifestyle (or candid photos as well) see the lifestyle section below.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is photography that captures portraits of people in candid moments.

As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to take portraits of you, your family, or your business from a more journalistic perspective! These images should tell a story within themselves and illustrate people doing what they would be doing every day in their natural environment.

The images could be a family taking a hike, an athlete playing their sport, or a team of employees brainstorming an idea! This could also include a family celebrating their first home, a hobby, or just about anything that can tell a story!

Every person or place(business, non-profit, church) has a unique story to share! So let me help you share that story through candid lifestyle photography!


Can’t say enough good things about Bryan and our experience.  As parents of small children, family photos can be stressful, but Bryan and Monika were amazing!  They were patient, kind and cheerful and their demeanor relaxed all of us.  Bryan was quick to get us our images and we were thrilled with how they turned out - he captured our kids true personalities!  Thank you Bryan, we will cherish them forever!

The Jertsons

About Me

I am an Arizona based professional photographer with over ten years of experience. I love capturing photos of families, people in their daily lives, and businesses with Arizona's beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

I am skilled in several types of photography including; family portraits, lifestyle, events, film, and time-lapse photography.

When I am not taking pictures, I enjoy traveling, hiking, riding my bike, and watching my favorite hockey team, the St. Louis Blues!