LRTimelapse 5 Review: The Cornerstone of Time Lapse Software


LRTimelapse is the "cornerstone" of any time-lapse photographers workflow.  It is an essential piece of software needed to create high-quality sequences.

Believe it or not, there is a growing demand for high-quality time-lapse sequences.  Time-lapses are everywhere!  They are in our favorite TV shows, movies, and professional sports.  TV manufacturers also use them as eye candy to help market their TVs in retail stores.

How are Professional Time Lapses Created?

While many modern cameras/smartphones can capture decent time-lapses using an "app," professionals raise the bar by capturing time-lapses using a more sophisticated workflow.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to producing professional level time-lapses.  Professional time-lapses require the photographer to go through a series of events to create a polished masterpiece.  This process starts with the photographer capturing a series of raw images taken at set intervals.  These images are then processed using software like Lightroom Classic CC allowing them to take full advantage of the dynamic range & resolutions of their camera.

However, there are frequent problems that even Lightroom cannot fix.  The most notorious is uneven exposure ramping and flicker.  LRTimelapse will not even out or ramp Holy-Grail sequences, but it will also remove flicker in a very intuitive workflow.

New & Improved Features of LRTimelapse 5

  • NEW! Multi-Pass Deflicker Tool
  • NEW! Multiple Time Lapse Export/Rendering
  • NEW! Render Preview Video With Shortcut Icon (Low-Resolution Video Created from the Visual Previews)
  • NEW! Create Time Lapse Compositions
  • NEW! High-Resolution Icons
  • NEW! Workflow Indicators
  • ImprovedHoly Grail Wizard.  It is now more powerful and forgiving.
  • Faster & Improved "Visual Previews" thanks to the software's ability to use all the cores of your Mac or PC
    • Playback time lapse previews during render.
    • "Time Estimations" of how much time is left to generate previews.

LRTimelapse 5  takes what I believe was the most significant update in the series (LRTimelapse 4) and made it even better!  For example, LRTimelapse 4 introduced visual previews and visual deflicker.  These features allowed time-lapse photographers the ability to preview an edited sequence within the software itself.  LRTimelapse 5, improves on these features and make them more user-friendly and faster.

How I Use LRTimelapse

LRTimelapse is THE cornerstone in my time-lapse workflow.  Without it, my time lapses would be lack the professional quality that my clients expect from my work. These films are perfect examples of how I've used LRTimelapse over the years. 

Recently, I shot a time lapse of the Super Blue Blood Moon.  Being that it was dark and I was a bit rushed, I made a mistake. I left my camera in shutter priority mode.

While shooting holy-grail time lapses in shutter priority is possible, I find it often introduces a lot of unwanted flicker that can be avoided by shooting in manual mode using the holy-grail method recommend by Gunther (LRTimelapse author) in his tutorials & book mentioned below. My goal is to get the time-lapse sequence as perfect as can be in camera, but when all else fails, LRTimelapse can salvage some of my worst errors.By this point, the moon was already changing phases, and so I decided just to let the camera stay in shutter priority to avoid any unwanted camera shakes.While LRTimelapse 4 is effective at removing the flicker, it isn't nearly as fast or user-friendly when compared to version 5!  This because in LRTimelapse 4, I have to wait for the previews to render each time I "refine" the visual deflicker or in other words, one pass at a time.

New Multi-Pass Deflicker Tool in LRTimelapse 5

In LRTimelapse 5, the deflicker process has drastically improved thanks to the new "Multi-Pass Deflicker Tool." Multi-pass allows the whole deflickering process to become more efficient and user-friendly.  For example, I reprocessed the same time-lapse above using LRTimelapse 5.  Knowing, I needed several passes of deflicker; I took advantage of the multi-pass deflicker tool.  I set the "Max. Passes:" to 7 and then let the software do its thing.  Not having to be at my computer to start a new pass, allowed me to do other things while it rendered out.  After seven passes, I'm confident to say that my time-lapse was to my satisfaction and ready to be re-rendered.

Should You Purchase? (New Users)

LRTimelapse 5 is a piece of software that EVERY time-lapse photographer (amateur or professional) should eventually purchase!  It has many useful features that have helped take my work to the next level.  The software is also fairly intuitive, and easy to learn especially after watching the  tutorial videos found on  If you are serious about learning time-lapse or want to take your work to the next level, then understand that LRTimelapse is that cornerstone potentially missing from your workflow.

However, at 99.00 € (Euros) for a private license and 249.00 € for a professional license, LRTimelapse 5 may not be in every photographer's budget.  Photography isn't cheap, neither is excellent software.  However, if you can't afford it now, then consider saving for it.  Make it be your next photography purchase!  In the meantime, check out the Free Evaluation version of LRTimelapse 5 and see for yourself how amazing this software is!

Buy Now99,00 €

Private License

Is it Worth the Upgrade Price? (Existing Users)

If you are a professional, then the answer is YES!  The new time-saving features like multi-pass deflicker, faster visual previews/deflicker, and multiple time-lapse export/ rendering are reasons enough to upgrade.  The other new features including the beautiful new graphics, and workflow indicators are a nice touch too!

While the upgrade may seem like a considerable investment to some,  it's comparable to what you would pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan annually at $119.88USD or $9.99 per month.

Buy Now129,00 € 

Upgrade Pro License

Buy Now49,00 €

Upgrade Private License

LRTimelapse E-Book “Timelapse Shooting and Processing”

If you can't afford the software just yet, you should consider purchasing the E-book "Time Lapse Shooting and Processing" first.  As a visual learner, I'm usually not a fan of technical books.  However, this E-Book written by Gunther Wegner (the mastermind behind LRTimelapse), was an enjoyable and easy read. The tips in the book helped me tremendously.  It showed me the mistakes I was making and gave some solid advice that improved my work overnight.

I owe a lot of gratitude to Gunther and his book.  Because of this book, I can now proudly say that my work has been licensed all over the world.

Buy Now10,00 € 

Buy the Book Now

Why You Should Consider Crossgrading Your License (Private to Pro License)

One reason you may consider purchasing a crossgrade license is that you will be allowed to use the software commercially.  The idea is merely for the ability to sell your work. I've been fortunate enough to capture something that went viral online (video below). In fact, at one point it was the #1 Trending item on Facebook.  As you can imagine, I got calls from people and places all over the world wanting to use my time lapse in TV news, television shows, documentaries, and even for research.

The same thing could happen to you!  While it may be tempting to give your work away for free or for "credit," you're only hurting yourself in the long run.  Think about all the money you invested in your camera, lenses, and software.  Why not try to recoup some of that investment? If your work has value, then let people pay you.  There is nothing wrong in asking for compensation.  Companies are willing to pay a fair licensing fee for quality content. A Pro license will also give you many other professional features including:

  • Batch Processing (For Previews Creation, Deflicker)
  • Higher Resolutions than 4K (5k, 6k, 8k, Orginal)
  • ProRes 4:2:2 and ProRes 4:4:4 rendering.
  • Advanced Motion Blur
  • Timestamp and Watermark Overlays.
Buy Now165,00 € 

Buy the Book Now

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